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Looking for a free or v cheap e-commerce plug in

Hi, I have a client that want’s to sell just 1 - 4 products from their site, they do not predict high volumes as most sales are made through their distributors.My original thought was Shopify but they are not keen. All help appreciated.

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Did you look at Foxy cart?

Thanks @jdesign, I will take a look but I thought they charged? Ecwid offer a free package for up to 9 products, so will probably use them,.

They do charge but it’s not very expensive.

Hope that helps. Good luck.

@jdesign Thanks for recommending Foxy!

@Roxzfr While we don’t offer a free plan, Foxy offers a powerful set of features backed with excellent support. All for one monthly or annual price. We don’t nickel and dime for anything. Everything’s included.

Also, we have already paved the way for you to start selling in your Webflow website in minutes, and you can even use Webflow’s CMS to manage your products. You can find video tutorials and a free Webflow ecommerce template here: Please don’t hesitate to email us if you need anything at all:



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