Installing ecommerce for a client

Hey guys. I’m working with a potential client to install an E-commerce solution to their shoe site.
I haven’t yet integrate e-commerce into webflow yet.
I 'm therefore looking for recommendations of which software to use. I’ve done some research and Webflow has tutorial guides for Shopify and Foxycart.

Shopify charges 2.7% +20p for every sale made.
Foxycart seems to be much cheaper at just $20 a month with the first 100 sales free and 20 cents thereafter.

Does anyone have experience with either of these or other solutions?

I am researching other options but there are tonnes out there and was just looking for some professional experience

Any advice is much appreciated.

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I like Foxycart quite a bit. It works really good with Webflow. Plus they are super helpful and invested in Webflow.


Hi @PixelPanda

That’s good to hear and I am starting to lean towards them as a solution.

The client wants to have the ability to update stock levels easily.
It appears Foxycart don’t offer this, so do you know how hard it would to be to install that?

From deeper research it looks like Shopify is better as an all in one solution, however Foxycart offers the ability to integrate it into Webflow and then I can continue to control all of the sites design and CMS directly on Webflow.

It looks like they might have a free integration for that. But I’m sorry, I’m not familiar with how easy it is to implement.


Hi @williamsbrad1994, you might want to ask @foxy directly :smiley:

Hey @Laurent_Hayoz. Yes I’ve emailed them, just waiting to hear back :slight_smile:

But if you have any other e-commerce options you’ve used I’d be happy to look into them too

@PixelPanda Thanks for the encouraging words! :slight_smile:

@williamsbrad1994 I started this post reply before you emailed, so I’ll respond via email here shortly. Thanks for giving Foxy a look! Along with the lower pricing (correction: only a max of 15 cents thereafter) and ability to manage everything in Webflow, I think you’ll find your experience with Foxy a breath of fresh air since our cart easily bends to your needs and comes backed with friendly support.

Most importantly, I think your clients will appreciate the Webflow/Foxy setup. Coming from someone who did client work for over 10 years, there’s nothing more valuable than having a go-to solution that my clients will love using and that I know can handle any type of product or scenario they throw at me.

A few highlights for Foxy users doing client work:

  • Manage all client stores from one login.
  • Get 15% recurring commission for each client store you take live (
  • Build and test as long as you need to without paying a dime (no 14 day trials here)
  • Sell any type or combination of products: tangible, digital, customizable, subscriptions, donations, services, etc.


Hey josh @foxy

Thanks for the response. There were a couple more questions that I put in the email, and if you are able to answer them then I would very much appreciate it. :slight_smile:

I wasn’t aware of the 15% referral commission, so that is a bonus, however I am of course interested in what would be best for the client.

The fact you have no other fees is very attractive. When I was researching the difference between you guys and Shopify, Shopify repeat a few times on their blog that the difference in price between you guys is almost negligible. However from what I can see the difference is pretty huge!

I’m not sure if I’m missing something, but to be clear, the only fee you guys charge is the 15 cents on each sale? That is all?

Thank you again for the help


Hi @williamsbrad1994.
No problem at all. Just replied to your email.

When it comes to comparing Foxy with Shopify, it’s important to keep in mind this isn’t an apples to apples comparison. From the beginning, Foxy was created to allow users to easily add powerful ecommerce anywhere. Any website, email, social networks, etc. You get to choose what technologies (ie: Webflow) will be used to build and manage your store.

To answer your pricing question, the max transaction fee we charge on the Standard plan is 15 cents, but this only applies to transactions beyond your initial 100 transactions each month. You’ll have a flat $20/mo or $180/yr fee no matter how many transactions you do. Also, this does not include fees from your processor (ie: PayPal).

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Shopify is the best, lets not kid our selfs, im currently in the process of building this site with shopify

the only products i have up are the purses. fyi but you can see how easily integrated it is.

another one i did alonggggg time ago is

don’t judge the design lol its old AF but it still looks clean i guess, shopify really makes it simple for the customer to customize and update their products by just loggin into shopify.

Shopify is the best & Appifycart partners with Shopify eCommerce platform. Our one-click integration makes it easy to extend your online business to apps.For further details please visit-

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Some people like Pepsi, others like Coke…

They are all good products that fit different tastes :slight_smile:
I’ve used ecwid for a project, and foxy on another, and now I’m trying shopify…
I really can’t say which is best since they all have good points that make me want to use them…

If only we could merge all of them :smile:

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@IggsTP You’re absolutely right in that each ecommerce platform differs and it really depends on the project needs. At Foxy, we never claim to be a one-size fits all solution. We understand that sometimes, we’re just not a good fit. But if one chooses Foxy for their project, you can count on having a superb checkout experience backed with top-notch support.

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no… taste is something that is emotional so referencing pepsi to coke really isn’t the same thing.

Shopify is literately easier to integrate and looks a
thousand times better than any other shopping cart or e-commerce solution out there. Its fact.

its like trying to disagree that 2x2 doesn’t = 4

why is the sky blue, why are boobs good?

Let’s do it this way then… :slight_smile:

You might like Porsche or Ferrari, modern and fast but you can’t touch the engine because it’s to much confusion for you and you might break it…

But I prefer a old pickup truck because it’s old and I can change everything with it, I can even put a DVD player in the glove compartment or racing seats so it fits well on my next adventure…

The point is that, they’ll both get you from A to B! Doesn’t matter the speed, or colour…
If they allow different functions to fit your needs… :smley:

It’s up to your preference and needs :slight_smile:

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I’m remaining very neutral here but I don’t think you are very accurate in that Shopify looks a thousand times better. If you look at people who have properly integrated FoxyCart there is no telling the 2 apart.

And I’m tempted to go with FoxyCart because it seems far cheaper as well

But to follow up on your last 2 points. I’m not 100% sure why the sky is blue, and boobs aren’t good. They’re awesome!

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In response to all my efforts in showing how they are all good in their own ways, the post previously to mine is the answer. :smile:

I rest my case.