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Integrating FoxyCart E-Commerce with your Webflow site

Hey everyone! Josh from Foxy here. I just posted an intro and links to Webflow specific tutorials and a free Webflow ecommerce template here. Manage your products without having to leave Webflow. Pretty awesome!

I'm happy to answer any questions you may have, but please ask in the thread mentioned above so this one doesn't get clogged with Foxy stuff. :slightly_smiling:


Hello! :slight_smile: I am looking into selling a few digital downloads,
What would be the best ecommerce choice for me?

I don't really need a cart since there's not so many products yet. I think paypal buy button would be good for me? What do you guys think?

Thanks for this list, it was very helpful! :slight_smile:

Hi @Alejandro_Hernandez.
Josh from Foxy here. Our cart integrates nicely with Webflow, along with the ability to handle digital products (any product really). You can learn more here: Please don't hesitate to reach out if we can put together some demos for you or help with anything else.


Another great option is Plasso’s Flexkit!

Plasso Flexkit

How do I sell products using Flexkit in Webflow?

Implementation Documentation


Thanks for the shoutout @quarshcreative :call_me_hand:

We have a handful of new features and add-ons coming in the next few weeks including but not limited to:

  • A Fully Functioning Cart (choose the background color, choose the accent color, etc…) that can handle multiple subscriptions, products, donations and more.
  • Inline Payment/Member Form Embeds that are free to position anywhere.
  • Pop-Up Modal
  • New Changes to Flexkit
  • Space Setup Tutorials and Live On-Site Demo’s
  • and more…

Also, we just dropped our pricing down considerably to reflect this:

Our Webflow Page ( is still being built to support things like collection lists and dynamic sorting through plasso product/plan id’s but the idea is that we’ll have a rad clonable template to use with Plasso as well by next year. The team here is happy to help get your project where it needs to be and we’re stoked to see Webflow grow and release IX2!


I’d like to share my totally satisfying experience of working with Foxycart. If you are looking for an e-commerce solution which you want to have full control over, and especially if you are the type who always comes with non-standard requests and ideas, I wholeheartedly recommend Foxycart – even if you are a designer with only a very basic knowledge of any coding (like, next to none, really).

We have launched an e-shop recently using Foxycart ( Being located in Europe, while their main target might be the US, very soon a need for some deeper customizations became apparent, so we needed their support.

And their support is truly unbeatable, I have to say. They are all not only super friendly and ready to assist almost around the clock, but I was honestly surprised at the extent to which they were willing to help me with making all the (rather major) tweaks specific for our part of the world – including a new gateway, tax-inclusive prices and many others.

So, this is our public ‘Thank you!’ to Foxycart :slight_smile:


Very nice e-commerce site :grinning:

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Hi @Pataka.
Thank you for the kind words! You do amazing work and it has been a pleasure serving you. We look forward to working together on future ecommerce projects.


What is the best way to handle recurring subscription services? My thought would be Stripe, but that doesn’t seem available?

Hey @cjroe,

Plasso is an easy to use ecommerce platform that’s Startup friendly and easy. We’re built on Stripe so existing members can be imported into Plasso without missing a beat. We’re excited to launch our new pop-up modal and ecommerce cart in the next few weeks with reduced pricing :slight_smile:

I’ll send you a message to give you additional info and to see if we’d be a good fit. Also, our support team is super responsive and would be happy to answer any questions if you decide to test us out.

All the best,


Hi @cjroe
Foxy supports flexible subscription functionality right in Webflow. In fact, we use our own subscription functionality to charge thousands of users each month. You can learn more here:

Our subscription functionality can be integrated with Webflow’s CMS, Webflow’s form builder, and any link, button, or embed. We support Stripe and nearly 100 other payment gateways and alternate payment methods.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can put together any demos for you or answer any questions.


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Hi ALex,
Anychance of sharing a link ?
I’m so curious

I feel overwhelmed with this. I truly love webflow, but this e-commerce implementation is such a headache.
So far I’ve tried the following:
-Shopify ( PRO: Loads of payment gateways & shipping options, stock inventory, live purchases view. CONS: embedded add to cart buttons and cart icon are loading slowly in webflow pages. checkout takes you in a pop-up window, no possibility to fully customize the add to cart buttons or checkout)
-Foxycart ( PRO: pretty much fully customizable, loads quickly,loads of payment gateways. CONS: no product inventory, rigid merchant dashboard. finding it less user-friendly than shopify for ex)
-Snapcart ( PRO:stunning dashboard CONS: no inventory )

Looking to implement an online shop for a client in UK. The shop atm will sell only 8 products but looking to develop next year with more categories as well shipping internationally. Also, I have another 2 startups in UK looking to implement e-commerce for them.

I’m really between Foxy vs Shopify but also curious on Plasso development
Any suggestions?

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Hi @BlindMango.
Thank you for your honest feedback about Foxy. I have responded to each of your concerns below:

no product inventory
Webflow recently let us know that they are working on “live update” functionality for their API (Publishing collection data and removing OAuth integration) Once they release that, we can finalize and release our inventory integration.

rigid merchant dashboard
We hear you loud and clear. Our team has been working on an entirely new dashboard (visually and under the hood). I don’t have an ETA, but just wanted you to know that we’re aware of our outdated dashboard and are doing something about it. :slight_smile:

finding it less user-friendly than shopify for ex
We agree that we’re not near as polished as Shopify. We’re a much smaller team so sometimes new features and improvements can take longer in comparison. That said, we’re passionate about helping merchants succeed. We do our best to listen to our users and improve our core platform as much and as quick as we can.

We’re not a perfect fit for everyone, but we’d love the opportunity to chat with you more to see if Foxy will meet your needs.




Thanks for considering Plasso! We’ll send you over a DM and see if we can tick each box for you and your clients.

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Hi Josh,
Amazing stuff! Thanks for the reply. I had a previous contact with you guys on your website’s chat. (thumbs up on customer support).

Any rough idea when you guys will be launching it? 2018-2019?

When webflow staff manages to integrate the live updates would save us big times. With regards to dashboard new UI, if you need any testers I’m more than happy to have a go.

I’ve always worked on a “client first” thinking, having saying that I’m looking for a platform that makes it easy for our clients to manage their products catalogues and stock. I’m a geeky guy and still find that you’ll need a learning curve to understand any e-commerce dashboard. simpler, better for the client. (+1 to snipcart for that)

I strongly believe e-commerce platforms should start to consider webflow and create proper video tutorials for the ones with less code knowledge (you guys at foxy did an amazing job with your tutorial and free template)


Thank you for your feedback. I would hope we have the new admin by/in 2019. :slight_smile:

In relation to “easy for your clients”, products can be entirely managed in Webflow. Clients will receive notification of new orders via email, can view transactions in the Foxy admin, along with the ability to send transaction data to 3rd party services. For example, I just setup a donation manager for some friends in Airtable. Only took about 30 min. All new donations/orders from Foxy are instantly imported via Zapier. Donor and Donation databases are auto updated.

In reference to tutorials, we’re super close to launching our new knowledge base. Lots of new tutorials and walkthroughs specifically for Webflow users. Things will be even easier! :slight_smile:


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