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I need to build an ecommerce website with shopping cart features. How do i do this with webflow?

Thank you


Hi @adriana

You can try foxycart. It allows you to build your store in Webflow and just integrate their cart.


+1, @foxy is probably the best solution. I’m working on a project including cart feature too an Foxy is so far the best option.

Plus they are a super nice and friendly team which is always a good thing :wink:


Lovely to see foxy being suggested.

Except they don’t offer a free plan (which as a designer, it’s something I’m interested).
All I want, is to build a website and add some products to showcase before transferring it to the client and let him subscribe for the other features and add the other products.

And that’s where is useful.
You get up to 10 free products and with a bit of CSS knowledge, you can customise everything.

You simply add the code (store, category or even a single product… They supply the code for any part you want to place on the website) and you’re ready to preview how it looks! You’ll have to publish the page to view the code tho…

Yes but it’s not the same offer for me. I mean seriously, your client just have to add a new entry on the Webflow CMS and it automatically pushes the prices, the image and whatever you want int the cart without connecting into Foxy.

If you want to compare Shopify and Foxy+Stripe for example, don’t i’ve already done it for you :smiley:
Foxy is cheaper and way better if you plan to host on Webflow CMS.

@Anna_Kelian @zbrah Thanks for suggesting Foxy! Really appreciate it!

@adriana If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

@IggsTP You’re right that Ecwid offers a free plan, but it really comes down to what your specific needs are. We’re quite a bit different than Ecwid:

  • No nickel and diming for features/add-ons (everything is included)
  • Free white-glove onboarding is available for Webflow users
  • Manage everything in Webflow (like @zbrah mentioned)
  • Sell any type of product
  • Full control of customer experience
  • Unlimited free trial (build and test for as long as you need to without paying a dime)



@foxy the last bullet point is interesting… I wouldn’t mind giving it a try, but where can I find more information about an unlimited free trial? That would definitely be worth checking.

As I don’t build stores for me, I wouldn’t feel good in paying for a subscription just to cancel it when the project is over, and then maybe again when a new one comes up.

Hi @IggsTP
When you sign up for Foxy ( you’ll be on our test servers by default. While on test servers, you get access to all functionality and our support team. Also, you can run as many test transactions as desired. You only start a paid subscription (required to switch to live servers) when you’re ready to start accepting real payments.

Also, you can create and manage all of your (client’s) stores from one login and with our affiliate program (, you get 15% recurring commission for each store you take live.

Appreciate you taking a look at Foxy. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything at all.


Well, I had no idea of that

You guys should find a way to mention that somewhere on the forums or even on your website :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll give it a try to see how it is :slight_smile:


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Thanks for the feedback. We’ll make sure to be more informative in that area.


I just want to chime in a little. Foxy Cart looks like a much-needed option for Webflow users and a great platform. However, I am turned off a bit by their pricing. There are currently no plans under $20 a month. Snipcart, a similar solution has a plan for $10. Some of us already believe webflow is not cheap and leaves little room for profits for hosting for budget minded clients… well, now we have to add an additional $20 or more per month whether or not they earn any money with online sales.

I’ve already shared this info with Foxy and I really hope they re-think their pricing model. There really is just so much we can ask many of our clients for hosting and e-commerce costs.

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@GodlessGlen I appreciate your feedback. You and I have talked pretty extensively about this via email and chat. The opinion that a service charges too much will vary from user to user. We’ve seen multiple Webflow users successfully sell a Webflow/Foxy setup to their clients. I’ve done it with a few personal clients myself even.

I’d be curious to hear how other Webflow users are handling this. I think it comes down to evaluating if you’re charging enough for your services and properly helping your clients understand the value of what you’re offering.

There are always going to be less expensive ecommerce services, especially as more and more competition come to market. But I think we can all agree that cheaper does not always mean better. You truly get what you pay for and at Foxy (and I believe at Webflow too), we strive to make every cent you pay us for our services worth it.

We don’t claim to be a perfect fit for everyone. So I recommend trying both Foxy and Snipcart out and deciding for yourself. At the end of the day, that will be the best way to decide what’s best for you and your clients.


Hey !

First i think it’s important to say that there is a 15$ price for yearly billing and that i don’t see the point of going for a monthly billing for this kind of services.

Then i totally disagree with you @GodlessGlen. I think Foxy is at the right price, and i also compared various prices/options for basket and none of them combine what does Foxy do :

Compatibility with Webflow (which is the most important for our clients who switch to webflow for the backoffice most of the time and who doesn’t want to go to a tone of websites when they add a new product).

Developing fro free

The first 100 transaction fee free which is cool for small business + a good system for the fee with max fee low in my opinion.

And an AMAZING support. You guys speak about extensively talks via email and chat. I’ve spoke with a lot of guys from the foxy team too, all of them are super friendly and helpfull. This kind of support is very important for me and my clients, and finding the same feeling as webflow that even a small customer matters for them is priceless.

Thanks for the encouraging feedback @zbrah

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Thanks for the reply. You’re right, cheaper doesn’t always mean better. I’ll be playing around with it.

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