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Logo Critique Needed

Looking to get some feedback on a logo revamp for our medical communications site where we work to create dialogue among medical professionals to help them learn through peer interaction.

We are testing weights of the main logo (should first or second word be heavier) and which of the 2 tagline fonts looks best - nexa slab or museo slab - considering the main font is Solomon.

Also - concerned about balance…esp. if we stack the word Blitz over Health in a different lockup. If Blitz is bold, will it be too top heavy?

We also plan on using these fonts on our site as well for headlines and body.


Hey Jeff,

I think the concept here is strong. The speech boxes with the +, makes it quite obvious as to what’s going on. Dialogue, medical, health and even perspectives with the overlapping colours.

However, from a technical viewpoint, I would be careful… Have you considered how this is going to work in black and white? The icon could well lose it’s effectiveness. I suppose it depends on where it’s going to be used – digitally, or across their printed materials too?

It’s certainly more corporate looking – if that’s what you’re aiming for.

I’d do two, maybe three separate presentations of this. One with the icon on it’s own, one with “BlitzHealth” and the icon, and one with the tagline. My personal opinion would be to drop the tagline from it all together. It’s not so much a “logo” at this point as it is a graphic. Does that make sense? I understand you need to inform viewers of what it’s about, but this should become apparent on viewing the website, or in engaging with them through their other channels.

Type-wise, I’m not keen on what’s going on with the Z, it seems to interrupt the flow. There’s also a bit of a clash with the typeface against the softer, rounded edges of the icon. Perhaps try some rounded fonts? Or alternatively, sharpen up the icon with flat edges.

I think the “blitz” works in a heavier weight, to give it some standing over “health”. But I think it could probably work in a single weight too. Your call.

If you have the time, I’d take the icon and do another 10-20 different variations of it, at least, and stick to black / white / shades of grey, to make sure it’s clear. It’s a good concept, and I think you might be surprised at where it could end up with a bit more time…

Hope that helps. I’m a picky bugger :slight_smile:


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I like the speech boxes but I think the the plus sign inside needs more space around. I’m not sure if you should separate the words with boldness at all. I think the logo is strong so the type could be simpler especially the tagline.

Just my initial thoughts otherwise good work :blush:

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I’m not really a fan of either one. Maybe it’s personal preference.

The tagline doesn’t match IMO.

You’ve got 3 different fonts going on here…
and I don’t think they work well together.

The callout / speech boxes… well - I think that is just pure awful.

The idea is good… just doesn’t look right with the current size / color of the boxes.

I’d make the boxes substantially bigger. Make the plus bigger as well but have it faded a bit.

Perhaps - overlay the boxes around Health…
more implying “talking about health” / “health discussions” / “health info”. etc.

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Thanks Joe. You’re going to read into this and get a lot of “the owner wants what he wants and we can’t convince him otherwise.” WHich is why I reached out to here to get feedback. So thank you!!

We know the technicals are a challenge. The logo works in grayscale and therefor 1 color but yeah, the black and white is not an option. We didn’t design by going from black and white then into color. The owner wanted multi-color to stand out from the norm for the space. Every 1 and 2-color option was nixed by him. digital printing means we’re not as scared about having so many colors. And it won’t be used offline except the occasional letterhead or envelop and we’re not talking PMS colors and such. So 99% digital use.

Corporate looking. Yes. Clients are pharma. And owner went the graphic clearing houses route for this with no real budget. So we are trying to take the outsourced ideas he liked and at least refine them as much as we can.

We don’t plan on using the tagline everywhere but want it to work with it. I’ve had trouble finding something that works with the Solomon font. I tried to get him to move to Museo but he likes the z. Working still on showing him more options. That was good advice too on the shape of the speech bubbles competing with the shape of the lettering.

No worries Jeff. Always a pleasure to offer what I can.

I suppose as long as you’ve considered how it’s going to be applied, it doesn’t really matter too much. It’s something I’ve had a lot of experience with – giving too much control to the client, then once you’ve given it, they don’t want to let it go. Not easily anyway… I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Sometimes it’s more hassle than it’s worth, and it’s not always a good idea to suddenly change direction.

As it stands and considering the context, I think you’ve done a good job with it. The main thing is that the client is happy, and bills are getting paid.

I’m not keen on the colours (I’d perhaps try green / blue / purple). Orange could blend, but the red seems a bit uncomfortable. That’s purely my own preference / opinion.

Have a look on – they showcase fonts and examples of how they’ve been paired.

Feel free to message me in the future if you need eyes on anything else.


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