Early design feedback please

Hi all,

Done a bit more than intended on this but I’m showing my friends/clients the start of this tonight so we can see if it’s moving in the right direction.

If you wouldn’t mind giving me some feedback on what you think of:

  • The name. Is it quite clear? Can you establish quickly what the product/company is?
  • Is the layout easy enough to use/navigate.
  • Does it make you smile?
  • Is the call to action clear (contact numbers/footers need adding when available)

I appreciate it’s not easy to comment on something that is so far from finished, but Webflow and the forum members have been great at guiding me to the finish line.



Great stuff! Looks good.

One thing I noticed is the Site Speed;

Your embedded plugin takes too long to load. Something you should look into.

Hey there,

Great work so far !
Same thing for me, your box from Salon Appointment took a loooooong time to load

Hello! Thank you for the feedback.

With regards to the plugin I’ve let them know that it’s running slow and they say that’s normal speed, but is there anything my end I can do with it to make it quicker that you know of?

It has loaded quicker previously, but seems to be REALLY slow now.

I guess so, the color is close to that moving BG, so not at first.

yes, but three different fonts in close proximity, which is a bit much for me.

Yes. Very easy.

Not really, but it doesn’t make me frown either!

Functionally, since it’s a brick & mortar business, I’d like to see the phone number above the fold, with the address and hours of operation too.

Everything else I’ll leave alone until you’re closer to finishing. :no_mouth:


Thank you Brian, some really good points, particularly around the phone numbers and opening times and the logo on the background. :smiley: I will address these throughout the rest of the build.

What’s the “rule” around number of fonts? I always thought 3 was the acceptable thing, or is it just a personal choice/preference?

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I’m not sure if there is one “rule”. If there is, we should probably be breaking it in the interest of exploration of what we’re making. Evaluate if it gets the design where it needs to be or better, or worse. For me, the proximity is a bit close together, different weights and faces reminds me of the 90s laserjet printer postscript font craze when everything designers printed after had 13 different fonts on it. Made it look like a cryptic suicide note from Mr. Rogers. “I paid for those fonts! So, dammit, I’m agonná use em! All! …in one project” Notice I said reminds me of, not that you did that here with only three. I guess I’d just like to see them match up better.

Anyway… keep going because it looks unique and good. I love that motion gold BG. Looking forward to the “big finish”! Don’t let us down, kid! (no pressure)

Take care,

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