Login with Microsoft. Entra ID?

I have tried to use SSO with “Login with Microsoft” button, but it doesn’t authorize my users properly.

Then I noticed (as well as it already mentioned in the documentation) that Memberstack supports only personal microsoft accounts and doesn’t work with work or school (organization based) accounts. Is that true? Since the Memberstack application always sends authorize request to
this url login. live. com/oauth20_authorize.srf?client_id=
no matter what kind of account types option I choose for App Registration in Azure Entra ID.
And according to this doc OAuth 2.0 | Microsoft Learn I suspect that Memberstack uses Live SDK instead of parsing /.well-known/openid-configuration/ URL from Microsoft properly and authorize all possible users.

Is that true?
When yes, then is there any plans to enable work/school accounts authentication through SSO as well? We have subscribed to a paid plan just to implement SSO Authentication for employees in our organization and it doesn’t work. Or I am just missing something?..

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@webflowsso - I suggest you reach out to memberstack as this forum focus is first-party issues.