No valid Workspaces or sites found to authorize

Hello. I’m creating a Webflow application, and when I try to log in to access sites, no sites are displayed in the window, but there are 2 sites in the account that the application wants to access. What could be the problem?

Hey @SergeyT!

Can you try using an incognito window?

Could you also share a screenshot of the window displayed?

Hey @jonohale !
I use an incognito window.
Screenshot by Lightshot - I see it when I use the client_id of my new application that uses API v2.
Screenshot by Lightshot - I see it when I use the client_id of my old application that uses API v1.

I noticed that if I log in to the application using an account in which the application was created, then I can see my websites. It seems that I can only grant access to my own websites to a new application. I can’t understand what the problem is

Hey @SergeyT, thanks for clarifying that!

Currently, Apps not submitted to the Marketplace can only be installed by members in the Apps Workspace.

I’m checking on some further information about this and will post here if I hear anything more.

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Thanks for the clarification!

Hi, I’m seeing the same message when I try to authorize the Figma to Webflow plugin. A few days ago, I successfully connected this plugin to my site. Today when I opened it in Figma, it asked me to login again, and now I see the screen in the attached screenshot. “No valid Workspaces or sites found to authorize.”

Hey @elismith,

For help with the Figma plugin, you can check our University docs here: Figma to Webflow plugin - Webflow University Documentation

You can also install the Figma plugin here:

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