Issue with login while testing

Can anybody help me with this issue?
While testing the published site, I have login issue.

Sometimes, especially right after making a new user account, user cannot login.
Or when trying to change user account, for example from user A to user B.
User A was logged in without problem, but after when A is logged out,
nobody can login again.
Without any warnings, Login button just doesn’t respond.

I am using Webflow login/out button and login form.
And email field and password field have custom attributes for memberstack.
ex. data-ms-member=“email”

I followed this step to build login page,

And many pages has header with this code.

document.addEventListener(“DOMContentLoaded”, async function() {
const memberstack = window.$memberstackDom;
const member = await memberstack.getCurrentMember();
const memberData =;
const currentUser = document.getElementById(“current-user”);
currentUser.value =;

Any advices and ideas would be a big help.

Hi Jamie,

Webflow User Accounts and Memberstack are completely unrelated systems. Webflow’s button won’t work with Memberstack. Check Memberstack docs and cloneables for some great examples to build what you want.

Hi Michael,

Thank you for this answer.
But I couldn’t understand very well.
Becuase I followed Memberstack docs to use Webflow and memberstack together.

After following this docs, I made following connection.
Whenever user sign up from my website,
same user account is created automatically in memberstack. (step 1.)
And then this user information goes to CMS collection to save memberstack ID (step 2.)
Lastly memberstack data is updated saving CMS item ID (step 3.)

This connections are working well. And the login also works (sometimes), but the problem is that there are times when it doesn’t work temporarily. Why does it work and then not work?
The website cannot be live due to this unstable login system.

Hi Jamie,

I think it might just be a miscommunication. I can’t think of any situation in which you would use Webflow’s Login/Logout button for Memberstack- Memberstack has it’s own for that purpose.

I am guessing you are using Memberstack 100% here.

As far as the intermittent login failures you might need to show your setup to someone at Memberstack support to help you sort it out?

Hi Michael,

Thank you so much again for the advice.