SSO Login to website

i would love to lock my website behind a SSO authentication, so only my employees can see it. Is it possible? What’s my best option?

Memberstack is probably your best option. If you’re wanting to use your own SSO, or something widely used like Google’s SSO, you should be able to find a configuration that works.

However I don’t often see configurations where the whole site is secured, and unfortunately if would not be fully secured since the access control is primarily implemented via client side scripts.

@Julian_Galluzzo can give you more details on how to approach this here.

Another way to approach this, at least in theory, is to reverse proxy the site. Then you can integrate an auth system and even restrict access by IP range. However that’s again not 100% secure, a knowledgeable hacker could find their way around the RP and then they’d be seeing just the regular Webflow-hosted site.

If you need real security the only way is to export the site and host it internally, and build your own SSO layer custom- but here you’d lose all of the hosted site features such as the CMS.

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Hey! Thanks for the mention @memetican :slight_smile:

With Memberstack, you can lock plans behind signup rules such as an email domain - here’s a link to learn more about the feature, and see the screenshot below to understand how it works!