Member Login an ABSOLUTE MUST

This is an ABSOLUTE MUST…I’ve seen this requested MANY times…just wondering when it will be added to the webflow platform?

I’m not a developer, so this may be a make or break thing for me when it comes to using webflow…

Please help!

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Can you please specify what specifically you are looking for. I have some ideas what you are talking about but please be more specific at what you are referring to. Thanks! :wink::grinning::blush::+1:

I would like to eventually develop a site where my clients can login, see their payment history, projects, and their account information. I also want them to be able to request work to be done from their account.

Do we have something like this yet built in to webflow…or an easy integration (3rd party) or someone willing to build this for me for a fee?

This will need to be something I can duplicate. (or at least something I can easily learn to do myself)…say for my clients who want a website built with this type of member login.

Thanks for responding!

Hopefully, this is something soon to be possible!

You might want to look into a more powerful platform for account management honestly. It’s gonna be really tough to incorporate all the things you’d need into webflow including password recovery emails and other things to keep it secure.

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ah yes it would need to be secure as well…well thanks a million for your help!

Know of any platforms or should I just bunker down and enlist the help of a dev on my own server?

I know weebly has a member login…and I believe Wix does too…

I was trying to transition from Weebly/Wix to Webflow however :frowning: Webflow seems FAR more powerful of a tool than either I aforementioned…what gives on the member login?

Most e commerce platforms should have that capability. Shopify comes to mind.

Member log in isn’t really a common requirement. You can password protect sites on a pro or team account now but it’s a single password to access the site. Is that what you mean?

No I was definitely looking for a member login like yes you mentioned that Shopify has :slightly_smiling:
So…I think I’ll just keep my clients on weebly if they require a member login and then webflow if not. It’s just weird, as I am obviously charging MORE for a website built on a Webflow platform but it doesn’t offer what a simpler, cheaper platform has… sigh what to do about that…

How about if Webflow allowed for any page to be password protected with a different password as an option? That way each member can be given their own faux login page with a separate pw…I think that would be a workaround no?

Well the reason for webflow being more is that the code is far cleaner, the site loads faster, and you have far more flexibility as far as custom design. Weebly is awful in my opinion from a design standpoint. I couldn’t stand using it. The different page option has been asked for but that wouldn’t offer any real security. You need a robust ssl system.

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Yeah thus the reason for my switchover lol

Ok then, for now I won’t mention the dreaded member login to my clients, until I can find a powerful integration or travel to Shopify if it is mention to me…grrr why can’t it all be in one place! lol

thanks so much for your help @DFink!

You could always embed a shopify widget (or whatever) into your webflow project.

I’ve got an ecommerce site I’m finishing up and I’m just embedding an ecwid widget.

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Sure, sorry I didn’t have better news. Webflow is amazing for almost everything, you just happened to find one of a handful of things it has trouble doing.


I’ll have to toy with this :slightly_smiling:

I second the wish list in this one. My friend wants a website with simple login so the members would have private content. At this moment I am unable to create that in webflow without some kinda third party program so I will have to decline an offer. I hope webflow is thinking about making this reality as it is a long time wish list, from 2014 i think =).

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take a look to this Caspio tutorial

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I feel your pain! Page password protection is on our short term roadmap so that might work as a workaround. Member login system is much more complex to do correctly/securely so it won’t be coming anytime soon. Hope that helps!

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Would folder password be equally easy to implement as single web page password?

Not sure but we’re looking into that as well.

‘Won’t be coming any time soon’ - does that mean it isn’t even on the roadmap? Or, it is on the roadmap, but it will be a lengthy process to get it to a release phase?


This looks very cool! WOW this may be the solution we all desperately need :slight_smile: Have you tried Sentry? If so, what would be a quick, helpful comparison you would have, in your opinion?

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