Logic - Send email notification - Not working

Hi there,

I’ve been working with Webflow Logic (for the first time) on a client’s careers page. They have an application form that they would like sent to a different email address - what a great opportunity to test out the new Logic features… right?

The Logic is basic - send all form fields to a collaborator. When testing using the in-built Logic test - the email sends as expected. However, when completing and submitting the form on the published page, no email comes through - with no error message.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? any solutions?

Any answers/advice would be greatly appreciated.


Same issue here. I have no idea how to get Logic to work. I’ve applied the changes, and turned it on. But when I submit my form I don’t see any subsequent actions happening.

I think I figured this out. You have to change the form source from Default Form to Logic. See below:
CleanShot 2022-11-30 at 11.29.37

Thanks rr1000 - It seems my biggest issue is a custom code snippet used to pre-fill one of the form fields must have been causing conflicts.

I’m still working with Webflow support to resolve this, as I’m still having sporadic issues when publishing to a custom domain.