Logic - Send email notification - Not working

Hi there,

I’ve been working with Webflow Logic (for the first time) on a client’s careers page. They have an application form that they would like sent to a different email address - what a great opportunity to test out the new Logic features… right?

The Logic is basic - send all form fields to a collaborator. When testing using the in-built Logic test - the email sends as expected. However, when completing and submitting the form on the published page, no email comes through - with no error message.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? any solutions?

Any answers/advice would be greatly appreciated.


Same issue here. I have no idea how to get Logic to work. I’ve applied the changes, and turned it on. But when I submit my form I don’t see any subsequent actions happening.

I think I figured this out. You have to change the form source from Default Form to Logic. See below:
CleanShot 2022-11-30 at 11.29.37

Thanks rr1000 - It seems my biggest issue is a custom code snippet used to pre-fill one of the form fields must have been causing conflicts.

I’m still working with Webflow support to resolve this, as I’m still having sporadic issues when publishing to a custom domain.

This doesn’t seem to have any impact on the outcome. works as poorly as the standard autoresponse of the default forms.

Hi - I was wondering if webflow resolved this? I can’t get either the default forms OR Logic to generate notifications.

If there are any spam filters or firewalls that may be blocking the email from being sent. You can try sending a test email to the same email address from a different email account to see if it goes through.