Sending email notifications to custom emails in Webflow Logic

Planned to test Logic for the first time today, setting up custom form notifications. But email notifications can only sent to project collaborators? Is it not possible to send to a custom email, e.g. emails from an employees collection…? Back to Zapier :cry:

No and it makes sense.

It would be nuts for Webflow to allow uncontrolled email sending, due to current spam laws and server blacklisting risks. If you build an email system and you want it to keep working, you have to play by certain rules. Even companies like MailChimp are continually battling that problem.

The right approach here is to set up a transactional mail service, e.g. Mailjet, and then make an API call to it from Logic. The Make HTTP request node is likely the one you want, but I don’t know how far the BETA has progressed on building out the needed functionality ( auth, request structuring, get/post/put/patch, etc ).

No, you painfully cannot.

It’s silly that this is not offered.

It’s a feature I’ve personally ask for from them directly but I haven’t seen any movement on it.

So many services today do offer exactly this. Zapier, like you mentioned, even has this built-into their service.

It effectively cripples that functionality within Logic.

Hoping they change this, sorry this reply is not more helpful :grimacing: