Logic for form notifications using CMS field


Hi there

I have some forms on the website and specifically looking at the Webinar Forms and Event Forms and the logic for each of these.

I want the notification email to include the name of the event/webinar that the form is referring to.

But something about the logic isn’t working and I’ve run tests on the flow that don’t work either.

How can I set up the logic for the notification to include the information from the CMS field?

In Logic, the Email block will only send emails to collaborators, which typically means people who are accepted as Editors to the site.

It’s very limited to prevent spam issues.

You’ll need to use a 3rd party mail provider, like your GMail account or Mailjet instead.

Hiya, so that’s working fine on the logic for the Contact Page form. Here’s more of an example of what I want it to do.

Someone visits this page: InfoComm 2023 | Virtalis

They fill in the form and submit it.

I want the email notification to take the name of the CMS item (in this case, InfoComm 2023) and to include it in the notification.

So that I can tell which event page the form was submitted from.

Or will I need to set up new forms for each event page?

If it’s a standard form, you can drop in an HTML embed, e.g.

<input type="hidden" value="{{ Your Embedded Field Here }}">

If it’s a Logic-bound form, that won’t work.
You’d need to create a standard input element and set the input value using script.
You can hide that field, but it must be in the form, and then Logic will be able to access it.