Using logic to forward contact form submissions to different email addresses

Hey everyone! Can someone help find a solution for the following.

I have a directory of experts on the website. Each expert has its own profile page (data pulled from experts CMS). On the expert profile page there is a contact form.

Now, here is the solution I need: When a user makes a submission via a contact form on an expert’s profile page, the submission should be forwarded to the email of that particular expert from whose page the contact form was submitted. The email addresses for each expert are stored in the experts CMS.

Does anyone know if that can be solved with Logic or if there is any other “simple” workarounds?

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Logic’s email block can only send emails to a very restricted set of email addresses, so the way to do this is with a 3rd party email provider. I like Mailjet.

Mailjet looks quite good.

If you are already using Make formerly Integromat, you can include the expert’s email address in the form submission data for use as the recipients email address in the mailing module (e.g. Gmail, Outlook or other mail service provider)