Logic Send Email Notification with additional CMS item

Hey there,

So, I’m working on setting up email notifications tied to job postings. Here’s the deal: I’ve got a CMS collection listing all the jobs, and each job has its own application form. Now, I need these email notifications to include the job name, which comes from the CMS.

I tried using logic this way: form> search cms item> send email notification
but it doesn’t work that way.

Any ideas on how to make this work? Maybe Zapier could help?

Thanks in advance!

Who are the notifications going to?
If they are all to one address like hr@mycompany.com, you can just use Webflow notifications.

If they are to posting-specific notification recipients, you’ll need something more robust. Zapier or Make will work well for this.

As far as the posting data goes, that part is easy. Just put the form on the posting CMS page, and add an HTML embed to it with an input type hidden, you can add whatever data you like there. Lots of examples in the forum.

Hey, thank you for responding!

I managed to fix this by making a hidden input text field and used SA5 Dynamic attributes. I imported their library and put the x-value attribute to the hidden field with the value linked to the CMS element. I was able to use logic then!

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