Logic doesn't receive the form if a file field is added

We are developing a website with various forms, joining the Logic beta program.
In a page there’s a form that has a file upload field. Everything works fine without using Logic.
We created a flow that sends an email to an editor, after the submission of this form.
Adding all the fields of the form (including the file) in the message, the flow returns an error.
Seems that the problem is the file, because if we remove the file field, everything works fine.
Has anyone been able to bypass this problem or are there alternatives in Logic that allow a message to be sent to a different email depending on the form?

File fields are not yet supported in Logic Forms. You might ask in the Circle.so BETA forums but I haven’t heard any updates on that particular limitation for the past several months.

Welcome @MattiaTisiA6 :wave:

You are correct. It’s not supported at the moment.

Not natively, it’s a topic I’ve raised and am a bit frustrated with myself.

The only way with Logic is to make an HTTP request out to your email service and have them send that email instead.

My stance is that Logic is still in beta and the rough edges are not yet smoothed out.

Until then I’ve found it more productive to use tools like Make (Integromat) and then migrate back to Logic once it’s more stable and full featured.

Hope that helps!

Logic beta also needs to allow image upload fields in forms to pass data/link to collection. Currently not supported. This is a basic request, especially since I had to upgrade to business plan to be able to use the image upload function.