Logic doesn't receive the form if a file field is added

We are developing a website with various forms, joining the Logic beta program.
In a page there’s a form that has a file upload field. Everything works fine without using Logic.
We created a flow that sends an email to an editor, after the submission of this form.
Adding all the fields of the form (including the file) in the message, the flow returns an error.
Seems that the problem is the file, because if we remove the file field, everything works fine.
Has anyone been able to bypass this problem or are there alternatives in Logic that allow a message to be sent to a different email depending on the form?

File fields are not yet supported in Logic Forms. You might ask in the Circle.so BETA forums but I haven’t heard any updates on that particular limitation for the past several months.

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You are correct. It’s not supported at the moment.

Not natively, it’s a topic I’ve raised and am a bit frustrated with myself.

The only way with Logic is to make an HTTP request out to your email service and have them send that email instead.

My stance is that Logic is still in beta and the rough edges are not yet smoothed out.

Until then I’ve found it more productive to use tools like Make (Integromat) and then migrate back to Logic once it’s more stable and full featured.

Hope that helps!

Logic beta also needs to allow image upload fields in forms to pass data/link to collection. Currently not supported. This is a basic request, especially since I had to upgrade to business plan to be able to use the image upload function.

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I just built a form using Feathery.io that collects image and videos (as part of a customer review) and tried via webhook + webflow logic to pass it into a webflow CMS only to find out webflow logic doesn’t support this… still? The only thing it says in Logic is this - “one or more fields in this collection is not compatible with logic flows and will not be shown,” by extrapolation since the video and photo and multi-photo fields aren’t showing, it means they are not supported?

Not happy to find this out this way, after spending so much time figuring out all the pieces and building out the form etc.

Correct, Logic forms do not support file fields. You can use a 3rd party automation platform like Make however for this type of functionality.

Note, Webflow has a lot of capabilities but as it’s a proprietary no code platform, when you hit limits they can be difficult hurdles to overcome. This is changing gradually with the introduction of designer apps, but much of the platform is still a “black box” that’s difficult to extend.

The most effective approach I’ve found to negotiate this is to start with a “proof of concept” on any new feature. Build the minimum-viable-product, focusing entirely on the core functionality, core CMS structures, basic UX mechanics. Worry about styling, data, refinements, etc. later. You’ll save a lot of time, and you’ll learn quickly which approaches might work best in a given situation.

That is good advice… and what I would tell past-self if I could go back in time, too late in my case to apply it. :woman_shrugging:

I’m trying to set up Make. Since Feathery and Make aren’t integrated but I can push files to Dropbox from Feathery and pull them from Dropbox with Make, I’m trying this:

Feathery.io send uploaded files from form when a form is submitted to → Dropbox folder → Webflow CMS Update An Item.

The part I can’t figure out is the Dropbox to CMS connection. How to take the files from dropbox, associate them with the correct corresponding Item in the CMS collection, and then put the image files into a multi-image field, or even one image into a single image field, I would be happy with that.

I watched this YouTube video a few times https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3R55evzvi8 at 5:54 he starts to build the Make scenario to take files from a google drive and put them into a multi-image field, like this:

Google Drive → Filter folders/files by date → Text parser module to get name of category → text parser to generate public URL → tools to rename stuff for clarity → array aggregator to group bundles of images to same item → then, because (he explains) webflow is expecting an array of objects in multi-image field but the array aggregator returns an array of collections, he uses tools to generate array of objects by mapping the array that the aggregator returns and getting the URLs from the array and sending them to Webflow

I understand the words he is saying, but it’s over my head as to how to implement this for my scenario in Make.

Ideally I could do something as simple as, when new (image) files are found in dropbox, the new files are added to the last (latest) item to the CMS collection into that item’s multi-image field. It’s not foolproof but it would be a good seemingly simple place to start.

I would love any guidance on how to set this up.

What you’ve described in the video is the right approach, you’ll need to go deeper into that video and testing out your implementation, of bring in a dev to help.

Another approach you might consider is to redesign your site, so that the images are individual rows in their own collection, possibly with a ref for some kind of master-detail relationship. Depends on what you’re building but that makes it much easier to add items to the CMS.

That’s a good suggestion, to put the images as rows in their own collection, is there any guidance or videos you can point me to about how to create the master-detail relationship? I’d like to learn how to do that (I’ll google, but in case you have some pointers).

Here is the use case:

  • Collect customer reviews with images/videos in feathery
    *->MISSING STEP-> put customer review data and files (images/video URLs) into webflow CMS collection
  • Show reviews with corresponding images/videos (as lightbox/slider if multiple submitted per reviewer)

I typically set Master-Detail structures up with the Detail ( photos collection ) containing a single-ref to the Master collection ( reviews? ).
You use the same Create CMS Item API, however for the ref field you need the ItemID of the Master you’re adding it to.

This is relatively easy if it’s a fixed set of items that does not change often. Much harder if you need to do some form of search before, to find the appropriate item.

I’m not 100% certain what your Master items are in your case, if they’re the reviews, and you’re adding each review at once, you can create it and just store it temporarily in your automation until you’ve added the detail records.