Mutli Page Forms. Field Parameterization. Confirmation Emails. Form Logic

Forms are a huge part of most websites and I feel there’s a lot of justice that can be delivered to the current webflow forms.

It would be very beneficial to have multiple form elements so that you can have forms which go continue from one view to the next (like a multipage form without actually going to a different page). Instead of clicking submit, users can click “continue” and continue with the form.

It would be very helpful to be able to pull specific field parameters from forms so that we can customize the emails that get sent out each time a response is submitted.

I’m sure many users want people who’ve filled out the form on their website to get an instant confirmation. This is a crucial feature. To me it’s can be a very simple implementation for webflow. A simple recording of the email field and a similar area on the form dashboard where you can customize the email to form user. Very similar to what you already have but just for a different audience.

Form Logic is another crucial feature. The ability to grab parameters, add them to later fields in the form, the ability to skips fields or make others appear based on logic, etc.

Thanks guys. I know you guys are on a mission, but it would be very helpful to have these features!! Forms are the core for many businesses, and these would sure be a big hit for many webflow users. Thanks!


I would definitely hope this is on the top of the priority list. The content management system rocks and is a huge ad-on but my sites are super limited to their growth potential because I can’t customize forms. I know I know…I should just learn to code…Would love to see this coming down the road!

p.s. Webflow is the best tool out there hand down. Freaking love it.