Visitors able to upload an image as a new future feature?

I was wondering if there’s a way for my website visitors to upload an image via using a contact form? Example: On the contact form there’s a text field for “Name, Email, Message” and “Upload file”. And have it emailed all the info, including the file/image, to me.

If there’s no feature available on Webflow, can anyone suggest a better alternative, pls?

Thanks so much in advance! :smiley:


Hi @mcelso,

You may want to try or, I’m currently working on a project at the moment with the same requirements. They both have code snippets that you can drop in your form and a link to the images will appear in the submitted form.

Hope this helps :smile:


Great! @mattbrant1981, Thanks!
I’ll give those options a try :smiley: