Log In page for users, "wrong password" not displaying correctly


I’m working on a client website with ecommerce and users login. On the log in page, when a user submit a wrong password then the error message “wrong password” doesn’t show up, it’s the general error message that shows, whatever the error.

There’s one customer that can’t connect to her user account (and she paid a membership) and I can’t figure out where the error comes from. She said that she uses the right password but I’d like to check that.


in this case your login form have to have “forgotten password” link to sign with a new one. like this:

I have not much else to say.

There’s a link on the login page to reset the password.
I don’t use memberstack, it’s all directly on webflow.
Here’s some screenshots

The login page form

The error messages

But, when log in n the live website with a wrong password then it’s the generic error message that shows and not the “wrong password”


can you post “read-only” and “LIVE” links @PieterV that people can check where can be a problem? It looks to me as Server error means server doesn’t return “200”. check console.
Are you using any WF extension for these msg as I do not have this option in Settings?

Here’s a read only link.


There’s no extension, only webflow.

and the live link CocoYoga

IMO the error is related to PAYPAL as it return ERROR on page load (check console). That is why shows Server error as response.

First solve this error and check again


@PieterV did you manage to make it work ?

I’m having the exact same problem. Only the general error message shows: whether it be the sign-up page or log-in page.

Weirdly, the response from the server return :

        "errors": [
                "message": "Invalid password provided: Password should be at least 8 characters long",
                "locations": [
                        "line": 2,
                        "column": 3
                "path": [
                "extensions": {
                    "code": "UsysInvalidPassword"
        "data": null

Which is the right error for a weak password when the user try to sign-up. But in the front-end, the error remain the same : the general error.

Could it be a bug from Webflow itself ?

Thanks !

I haven’t found the solution yet.
I think that it may be that I haven’t made the cookie acceptation banner yet. I’m working on it but am not sure at all that it will solve the problem.

Stil havnt found a solution either… if anyone has any ideas !

Double-checking the backend code to see how error messages are handled might give you some clues. Also, verifying the customer’s login details directly in the database or through a secure method could help confirm whether the password is correct. Good luck troubleshooting, it sounds like a tricky one!

Same thing here. Building a new membership-based websit and only the generic error message shows up when someone enters the wrong password.

Same thing if someone tries to signup with an already existing email address: only the generic error message shows up.