Locking the size of the default breakpoint

Is there a way to make the default breakpoint size stay the same at all times no matter what screen you are designing on?

It changes the size of the default breakpoint at random times. I want it to stay the same, so my changes are consistent on the default breakpoint. I shouldn’t have to keep checking to make sure my default breakpoint is the right size every time I edit it right?

This goes for all projects so I feel as though my website is irrelevant.

Hi @josh, thanks for your post.

I am not 100% clear on the question exactly, the breakpoints do not change, they are based on pixel width of the viewport, the Desktop is the default breakpoint with a base width of 1024px and can shrink to 992 pixels.

You can adjust the canvas settings in the designer:

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I normally start styling at the highest breakpoint and then adjust styles as the breakpoint/viewport size changes, each breakpoint has a range of pixel width, for example with no other larger breakpoints added, the Desktop viewport width is 992px and higher with the default viewport position set to 1024px wide.

If the actual viewport on your monitor can display wider than 1024px at 100% scaling, the viewport size will expand to how wide the designer window is at that given time, so it be your canvas setting is set wider than the default px width of the current viewport.

You can also scale the viewport size manually using the drag handles on the right hand side of the viewport to expand or shrink a selected viewport.

If you can help to share a video of the trouble you are trying to avoid, it might be possible to give a more helpful answer, here is the guide on using breakpoints: Breakpoints | Webflow University

Thanks in advance

Thank you for your response @cyberdave.

Breakpoints have a pixel width as you said, and I want the pixel width to not automatically fit to the size of my screen if it is larger.


My screen is 1922 PX, but I want the default breakpoint to remain at 1440 PX even when I close and reopen webflow at a later time (even on a different device like a laptop).

The point of my question is that I don’t want to manually change the default breakpoint every time I design on that pixel width. I want it to be locked at a specific pixel width like tablet, mobile landscape, and mobile portrait view.

I switch back and forth between a laptop and monitor, so manually switching the pixel width is frustrating because it easily slips my mind.

In my opinion, “default” breakpoint should be able to lock at it’s current pixel width and not change even though your screen size changed.

Hi @Gads, thanks for your reply and for helping to clarify that for me.

At the moment it is not possible to lock the size of the breakpoint, however there is a related item is on the Wishlist: Lock a breakpoint | Webflow Wishlist

I can help to advocate for this and raise this to our team to let them know that you were asking for this capability. I cannot give you a timeline but I will help to share here when I have some additional feedback on this.

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