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Setting up the the width and height of webflow's canvas size

Hi webflowers I just wanna ask if someone also struggling in adjusting the canvas size,I want to adjust the canvas size into 1024x768 size and currently I don’t have any idea how to do it. I hope someone already encounter this problem.

Hi @clark-gonzales, The built in Desktop viewport size in Webflow is anything 992px and above.

To use a site width of 1024px wide, you can use a max width of 1024 px to some div block, or you can use a custom css media query to change the width of the built in container, i.e. Activate 1200px "Large Screen" media query

I might be misunderstanding what you are trying to do, however custom breakpoints would be great to have, here is the item on the wishlist: Custom Breakpoints:

I hope this helps, if you need help with a site design, make sure to share the read-only link:

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