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Confused about the Base Breakpoint

Hello! Thanks for reading.
So I understand that I have a base breakpoint from where I can then work on responsiveness for a smaller screen. But what really confuses me is that that breakpoint can still move.
For example, I’m using a 15’ macbook pro, and maybe I’ll make my webflow window a bit smaller to see something on my desktop, now that breakpoint has shrunk to say a 13’ screen. Now some of the elements are out of place, and I have to nudge the screen size back to 15’.
This makes it very unclear what Webflow is referring to as the “breakpoint” because I can’t find a way to make it stay put, within this supposed limit there are dozens of options it can still move to.
How can I make this more consistent, or at least stop the breakpoint from moving so easily?

Hi, @ALVAR_JAC! Great questions here. Breakpoints start at a certain width, but they have wide ranges to accommodate different device widths that fall between each breakpoint. This ensures you can test for both responsiveness and fluidity in your designs. :sunglasses:

If you haven’t already, jump into this article and video on Webflow Univetsity which covers exactly this: Breakpoints | Webflow University

Thank you for answering so quickly! So I saw the video and although useful it doesn’t really answer my problem: I’d like to know if there is a way to “lock” a breakpoint width so it doesn’t change on me because I’m moving the window around. Can I not just put a breakpoint at 15’ and have it stay there?

Hi @ALVAR_JAC and welcome. Unfortunately there is no way (at least Im not aware of) to lock base viewport. I found it confusing as well. My usual starting point is 1440px but on my 27" monitor is base size is set automatically much larger.

When I shrink browser window to get assets from desktop to project base size will automatically resize (shrink) so when I resize browser back I have to manually set base size 1440px again by typing value into field. It will be nice to have option to define and lock base viewport size. You have to just deal with that. :wink: