Lists Not Shown — HTML to CMS rich text from API [Using Make]


I’m creating an ‘auto-blog’ Make ( scenario, from ChatGPT to Webflow. The ChatGPT output is formatted as HTML, and a new Webflow item is then created, with the blog content being a rich text field, where ChatGPT’s HTML is sent.

List elements don’t show up (it’s blank), which seems to be a known Webflow issue. The strange thing is that when I click “Run this module only” on the Webflow “Create a new item” module, and give the exact same HTML as input (the output from ChatGPT), it works perfectly. Which makes no sense as it’s the same information I send in my workflow.

Happy to hear your thoughts on this really strange situation :slight_smile:


The scenario

What it creates in Webflow :x:

When I run the Webflow module only

What it creates in Webflow :white_check_mark:

PS: when I publish the site, the lists are displayed perfectly. But I need to access them in the editor to review/edit them before publishing…

Anyone had the same issue / found a workaround…?