Formatting Dynamic Content?

Hi all, I am trying to move my blog over one post at a time from a temp Wordpress site and no formatting is coming through. See the attached images, as you can see I am entering paragraphs, spaces etc, but it keeps publishing as a single unformatted paragraph. Sorry this is definitely user error but cant figure it out…


Hi @eshotsinc :smiley:

Try adding content to your POST BODY from the CMS editor rather than the Dynamic Collection manager.

Also, when copying content from your current blog and into the Webflow CMS, make sure to copy it exactly and into Webflow directly. The Rich Text box is supposed to copy over the formatted HTML as well.

​Try these steps and let me know if you’re successful. I’ll be standing by for your response! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the quick feedback. I just upgraded and tried your suggestions but its still not working correctly, any other ideas? When I started this process earlier in the week it was working fine, but not anymore.

Also, when I upgraded to CMS, now when I go to my website there is a second scroll bar on the right of my screen and it is really annoying. Is that part of the CMS? I logged out and its still there…

Hey Nelson, I have tried everyone. I have tried cutting and pasting, typing directly into the fields and it doesnt do any good, its all just un-formatted. A few days ago it was working fine, not anymore. help would be greatly appreciated.

I have a colleague helping me out with this issue. We want to solve it quickly. :smiley:

Can you try using an incognito mode browser window? Also. would you be able to post a GIF or screen recording of exactly what you’re doing?

I’ll be standing by for your response! :slight_smile:


Here is a screen cap of a blog post i posted, same thing…

Thanks for the screenshot. :smiley:

When you copied the content from your old blog, did you copy it while in an incognito mode browser window?

No, I didnt need to the first few times so I never considered it. I can try I guess.

No nothing is working. Also I would love to get rid of that second scroll bar I have now since upgrading to CMS. None of my animations show up when I scroll for me now. I know they still do for people not using the CMS but its annoying.

Hey there @eshotsinc

Can you point me to an old blog you’re copying from? I’d like to see what is happening to the original text on each copy&paste you make into Webflow.

Thanks in advance!

Here you go. I have tried copy and pasting from there, from word, as well as typing it directly in, nothing working… Please take a look :)

Thanks for taking the time to help. I have been trying exactly what you recommended (among other things), same result…

Sorry dropbox link isnt working as I’d hoped. Please watch the video here, password is “eshots”

I am experiencing the same issue. i cant even space out paragraphs once i click outside the field in the collection manager all the enters i pressed to space out paragraphs are gone. and i am stuck with a huge block of text. i also noticed there is no way to change the font. it wont react to css classes and i cant see how can i change it.
any help webflow staff?

Has anyone been able to view this video? Still looking for a fix…

Still waiting, are you guys working on a fix or is this off the radar?


@eshotsinc it looks like you are able to paste formatting into the Rich Text field, which shouldn’t be happening. We designed it to remove unsupported formatting so that the resulted text is clean and structured in simple headings and paragraphs.

We’ll be looking into this further to see if we have to tweak our format clearing algorithm. Every website has different type of formatting that we have to test and make sure works with our rich text field. We’ll report back soon with an update! Sorry for any inconvenience.

Hey Dan,

I’m not able to reproduce this by copy/pasting the same content from the same site as you did.

I’d like to rule out any misbehaving chrome extensions you may be running. Could you try to reproduce the issue in an incognito window (and/or with all chrome extensions disabled). And report back anything printed out in the console (Chrome DevTools - Chrome Developers)

Thanks, hopefully we can get this resolved soon.

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Thanks for the response, just wanted to know if someone was looking into it :slight_smile: