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List of suggestion for new versions of Webflow

Hello and thank you for this wonderful tool!

I have a list of suggestion for new versions of Webflow :

1 - Export of the dynamic website « WebFlow CMS » to put it on another client server.

2 - Export - creation of a file like « mywebsite.webflow » to import/export the website in another Webflow account (one of a client).

3 - A simple multilingual management.

4 - Download link for PDF, DOC, JPG, exe, app etc…

5 - Several Content Editor

7 - Webflow desktop app to work without internet connection

Thank you for your reactions :wink:


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Hi, this is “transfer” and is already exists. From the site Dashboard:

And put your client’s email .

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Ok thanks, only users on the Professional plan can transfer sites. Why ?

Because it is for Pro users only. Users who are on Personal or Starter plans are supposed to use Webflow for personal use only (or to try Webflow before you upgrade your plan), and there is no reason to transfer your personal site to another person.


Thank you for your reply ! Yet I would have liked to transfer to another account because I have my reasons :wink:
But I also understand yours :wink: