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Collection of Webflow Ideas

Webflow is a great tool, but every tool needs improvement. :smiley:

Today I would like to share some requests and ideas for the future of Webflow. Some of these may already exist and I haven’t found them and I apologize if I make that mistake.


  • Optimize button located on the left side of the editor under the Pages button. It automatically cleans up styles, removes useless code and (future) re-sizes all images that are over a set size. Example: All images on the site are 2044x1080 pixels. This feature sets them to 1080x784 pixels or a custom amount that is edited per site by the user.
  • Parallax Panel with either it’s own section or located under the Interactions section. Users can add images and customize the parallax effect. There was also be a checkmark in this section to toggle smooth scrolling.
  • Time Elapsed working on project. Under the website link of each project in the dashboard, an accurate timer will display how long the website has been worked on. This will benefit clients and freelancers a lot.
  • Full export of code on free. Webflow, people will buy a paid plan because they know that Webflow is great. You don’t need to cut users off from basic features. Exporting code is a basic free feature on most of the web platforms.
  • Skewed section setting. Either add a setting in the settings panel for sections or just allow them to add it directly from the Elements menu.
  • This is unnecessary, but it’s cool so I decided to add it. The ability to choose a theme in Webflow would be neat. This is available in WordPress. I have nothing else to say.
  • Allow us to delete assets to decrease project size. Thanks.
  • NOTEPAD. A tab to right notes. For reminders. Sigh.


  • The one thing that truly bugs me about Webflow is that you can’t customize the footer and header codes without a paid plan. For developers, this is not good if you really want to provide a very custom and unique site. Allowing default users to use custom codes in the dashboard would allow us to do things as simple as smooth scrolling or a loading page or parallax effects. You can simply turn some other free feature into a paid feature and give us this one.

Feel free to add suggestions below!