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Webflow for the future?

Hello, first of all i must congratulate you guys for the fantastic app that you have created.

I have my small business for years, with a small team and I’m considering to bring this tool to our workflow so we can set some projects more quickly specially for some of us that are not that comfortable in creating responsive websites.

My only concern, once your app works only in your webservers, is about the continuity and availability in the future. Also, as i can see, you are a small team, this increases my concern. If we go for adobe products for example (like muse), we may have things that we dislike, comparing with webflow, but we have peace of mind.

I know that such a great app like yours, its difficult to be abandoned, but still i must ask what are the guarantees that you can compromise with for those designers that start working with your app constantly as an important work tool. And also what are, at this moment your expectations for the future about this app.

Thanks a lot

Hi Miguel! Welcome to the forums!

We totally understand your concerns. Especially with a pro tool like Webflow it’s important to have the security that your work will not be lost if Webflow closes down. Right now you can export your website which comes with HTML, CSS and Javascript files - the same source files as a web developer would give you to make your website work anywhere. So we hope that gives you a peace of mind.

People have also requested a “webflow” file that they can save and back up, but that isn’t as flexible as native source files. But we are keeping this as an option for our future.

We don’t envision abandoning Webflow. Already it brings thousands of designers immense value and as it becomes profitable it will be a platform that will have good reason to stay. Right now we have 2 years of runway to build Webflow into the web design platform that will shake things up in the industry. So I hope that gives you a little more security. :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any more questions.

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Hello, thank you for your clarification on this. I think its decided here that we will do some testing prototypes so we can start using this app. Thanks.

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I like the WebFlow file idea. Exporting is nice, but a “restore” option would be even nicer.

Totally @monmart we are already tackling the Restore point for you guys. All you gotta do is hit CTRL+SHIFT+S in the designer and it will save your current state in the Versions tab of your Site Settings. You can restore to that point any time. I hope that helps!