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Designer Profiles - Ideas


So I love the designer profiles section of the dashboard but had two thoughts for improvement:

  1. Company Profiles - The ability to create company profiles in the designer section and then for designers to be members of those companies. This could be a feature available to organisation plans or (ideally) anyone - as many freelancers don’t have organisation accounts but it would allow them to differentiate between company sites and personal projects.

  2. Folders - to sort projects into



Yes and yes!

Rather, or along to company profiles, we’ve been asking for group projects, like Behance has. Ability to effect several designers as the author of 1 project. Also the ability to showcase a project you’re not allowed to host anymore because you handed it over to your client.


Yes that would be perfect. I have so many projects I have handed off to clients which I would like to showcase.

I made this that you can clone, if it’s any help

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Lol no I meant sites that I transferred to clients I would like to be able to display on my own page :smile:

Great suggestions! Will see what we can do to improve this area of our dashboard in the ways you mentioned above


Yes, it’s meant to host your project description and screenshots actually, with a demo of the responsive aspects.

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