Folders in Dashboard

I’m going for the limit of 50 pages on my plan right now. And by pages I mean projects. At this moment I have few projects that I can assign to myself, few to other clients etc. It would be fantastic if we would be able to group our dashboard projects into folders. That could save us some time and would make the dashboard cleaner. I like the idea of folders that can be found in iOS and OS X Launchpad. What do you guys think?



After releasing folders for pages, this is really a must. My dashboard is a MESS. Some “backup sites”, some “Work in progress”, “Test projects”, a lot of “Client websites”, and also “Personal projects”, etc. etc. Currently they are all mixed and it’s creating a mess, and they are hard to find.

Creating folders would be perfect to organize everything. Also a “List view” in the Dashboard would be awesome!

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Bumping this - my dashboard is getting messy!

Also bumping this - my dashboard has been super messy and crowded lately.

Agreed! I’m on a small design team account and our dashboard is a beast! A way to organize projects into folders would be fantastic.

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I was just about to create this topic. This is a huge must! My dashboard is getting really unorganized quickly.

Yes please! This would be huge to be able to put older project in a folder. Possibly with a little icon for how many sites are in there, both public, private and shared. So you can easily see how many of each at a glance.

Yep I was about to request this myself. Please this would be awesome. Thank you.

Another one here requesting the same.
My dashboard is a mess as it is.