Displaying Collection with Collection lists


I have category A,B and C. This is a Dynamic Collection. I have another collection with post and collection 1A, 2B, 3C.

I want to display a collection list of categories, and all the posts that has this category. But I am unable to nest a list inside the category, since the category doesn’t have multi-reference field.

Anyone know how to implement this?

Basically: Show all posts with category = current category.

Adding a multiref to category will support the nested lists ( 5 items max ).

Finsweet’s CMS Nest will allow you to build this using attributes, but be careful to set it up right to prevent a performance hit.

I typically build these types of solutions using custom code, since it gives much more situationally-specific control over the resulting layout.

I followed the tutorial only to realise it is backwards from what i am looking for.
This script gives you the option of assigning multiple references to one post (ie. A post had six categories). I am looking for the reverse.

One category has five posts.

ie. ‘This is a article’ has a single category: NEWS.

I want a front page with all categories displayed, and below each category is a list of all articles with category: NEWS.


One can say that I want whatever is inside the category CMS page. But I don’t want users to need to click a category before seeing all posts in that category.

Are you referring to FS CMS Nest?
How you nest your CMS collection is up to you.

In your case, I assumed you want what you’re describing here, category contains articles.