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Link Blocks are Unclickable in Editor

Hello! My client is unable to navigate through the website like a normal user while in Editor mode. The most obvious example is the main site logo… when you click it, it doesn’t take you back to the homepage. It doesn’t go anywhere. Though it works fine in the designer preview mode and live site.

Live site:
Preview link:

It looks like the issue might have something to do with having a link block with text or an image inside of it. The editor can adjust the image or text, but it prevents the link from functioning.

Any insights? Is there a way I should build things differently?


Here is my site Read-Only:

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I guess using “pages” list from the editor is an alternative?

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Hello @switchboard

I think that this is the default behavior because in the Editor the main purpose is to edit the elements.

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Makes sense. I was just grateful for the ability to edit AND navigate via the links (which was true in previous projects, and true for some of the links in this site) – it was extra handy. Thanks for the response!


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