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Linking Webflow with another e-commerce platform

Hey everyone,

I’m currently building an e-commerce website for a client on BigCommerce. I love the idea of Webflows e-commerce, but it is not quite advanced enough yet to handle what I need done.

This client also needs around 100 individual landing pages. I was thinking about creating all of these landing pages to match the BigCommerce Cornerstone Theme (if anyone is familiar) and linking them to BigCommerce? For example, once “About Us” is clicked on BigCommerce site, it would be redirected to the Webflow site that is hosting all landing pages.

Is this a good idea? Is there a way to create a subdomain to match the one of BigCommerce? My biggest concern is getting it to seem as if they are still on the same website, even though they aren’t. I feel in the long-term this will be best for maintaining the site because Webflow is amazing :slight_smile:

For reference: the website is

Hi @Jhart4595.
Josh from Foxy here. We have a seamless integration with Webflow that will allow you to manage your products, landing pages, etc. all on one site 100% in Webflow. I’d love to learn more about your needs and see how we can help. Feel free to DM me.


Hey Josh @foxy,

I believe I reached out to you via email awhile back and never got around to responding (sorry!). I love Foxycart and believe it is powerful when used with Webflow, however, BigCommerce seemed to fit better for this specific project due to the need for features such as customer accounts, product filtering, bulk discounting, custom rules, etc. Do you know what’s in store for Foxycart in 2019?

Hi @Jhart4595.
No worries at all. Glad we could connect again. I’ve responded to each item below:

Customer Accounts
This is already possible with Webflow. Currently customers can save their info upon checkout for quicker checkout next time, in addition to the ability to update their billing info, and cancel an active subscription.

We’ve already started on customer portal functionality for platforms like Webflow. This will allow customers to view order history, with the ability to extend it with your own functionality. We’re aiming to launch this some time in Q1 of this year.

Product Filtering
This is already possible, but limited to what can be done in Webflow since products are managed in Webflow. We’ve helped users with all sorts of scenarios, sometimes including plugins like Isotope. I took a look at your site and didn’t see anything that we couldn’t help with. Let us know if there’s something specific you’re looking for here.

Bulk Discounting
This is already possible with Foxy. We provide very powerful and flexible discounting functionality that allows you to create any type of discount rules based on different conditions.

Custom Rules
Foxy bends to your needs and over the past couple of years we’ve helped literally hundreds of Webflow users bend Foxy to Webflow specifically. You have full control of everything and can extend Foxy as much as you need. Feel free to send more info on what you’re needing.

I’d love the opportunity to chat further. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with further info or questions.


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