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E-commerce limitations and Foxy

I have two new projects looking for e-commerce. I am wondering if Webflow commerce is a good choice or Foxy cart. I know commerce is still in beta. What major features are missing? How does it compare today with Foxy and what is the Webflow commerce roadmap?

Hi @bgarrant.
Josh from Foxy here. Super nice to meet you! I can’t 100% speak for Webflow, but Foxy has been doing ecommerce for 12 years. In fact, it’s all we do. Here are some features and benefits to consider:

  • Sell any type of product (physical, digital, subscriptions, donations, customizable, etc.) in Webflow.
  • You and your clients can manage products 100% in Webflow.
  • Keep your costs low since Foxy can be integrated into any Webflow (or non-Webflow) site on any of their plans. In other words, neither a CMS or Ecommerce hosting plan is required.
  • Integration with 100+ payment gateways and alternate payment methods.
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-language
  • Gifting Functionality
  • Coupons and Discounts
  • Live Shipping Rates
  • Auto-tax Calculations
  • all backed with speedy, friendly support

Foxy bends to your needs and integrates seamlessly with Webflow. More info can be found here:

We invite you to take advantage of our unlimited free trial, free one-on-one white glove onboarding, and free affiliate program that gets you 15% recurring commission for all client stores you take live.

Feel free to post any follow up questions here, via email ( or if a phone/Skype call would be beneficial, we can make it happen. We’ve helped literally hundreds of Webflow users with all sorts of ecommerce needs, so you’re in good company.


Thanks for the reply Josh. Foxy definitely seems more feature rich than the beta of webflow commerce. I will surely check it out. I like the pricing model as well and the affiliate program. The gifting and live shipping is also a huge thing.

@bgarrant You are very welcome. We’re here to help if you need anything at all.


Hi @bgarrant

Yes, Webflow eCommerce is in its infancy as a product. But if you look at how the Webflow product has matured through out the last two years. Then it’s safe to say that the eCommerce platform will eventually be the top option to build your online store with.

If you look at the planned features for both the main Webflow platform and for eCommerce it’s going to quickly give Shopify, WooCommerce and all the others a run for their money.

This is just my two cents. I’ve been using Webflow since 2014 and it’s been amazing to watch as new features are developed and released. I know that we are in good hands with Vlad and the rest of the Webflow team handling the future of the product. The vision is massive. But if any team can achieve it… It’s these guys!

Happy Designing!


Just sent an email to to inquire about your donation capabilities. Talk you soon.

Hi @UXCentric.
Awesome! We’ll be in touch soon.


Hi @foxy I emailed you guys a couple days ago about helping with a webflow project that I am trying to complete. Please get backt o me asap

Hi @ClayGouws.
Thank you. We’ve responded to your emails and other forum post.