Linking Two CMS Collections

Hello, I know linking two CMS collections is limited, I wanted to get someone’s thoughts on this roadblock of mine.

I’ve got a collection for “project” pages. Some project pages we want to extend into a longer “Case Studys”, but not all projects need this, so I created a second collection for Case studies, and wanted to link it to the bottom of the project page on conditional visibility when needed.

I’ve somewhat managed to achieve this using ‘collection list’ block elements inside of the project pages and calling content from the “Case Study” collection, however, I can’t seem to figure out how to link “Project - A” with “Case Study - A” and “Project - B” with “Case Study - B” etc.

If you view the website and shared link you will find my test page under the “Onikuma” project page.

I’ve tried to demonstrate the collections and what I want to do in this image:

The only other solution I’m prepared to use is to upgrade my plan to business which will give me 60 CMS items per collection, then just put everything into one collection, however, this would make the CMS form unnecessarily long when not all pages need it. I wanted to see if someone has achieved a workaround before I invest in the upgrade.

I’ve seen methods online where you link to a slug, but haven’t been able to apply it to my situation.

If anyone could share some insight I would be grateful!

Kind regards,
Peter Code

Here is my public share link:

Here is the live site:

You can achieve what you’re after using Multi-reference fields.

On your projects, add a Multi-reference field which links to Case Studys.

Then, on your Project where you want a case study, switch it on, and add the case study to your multi-ref field.

Then, on the Project page in Designer, add a new collection list. Choose the case study link option (as highlighted below) as the source for the Collection List.

Then you can style the collection list as you choose.

You can use the Case study switch to Filter this area away if it’s not required on a post.

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Wonderful, thanks @locase, solved my problem