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Can't link to a page inside the multi-reference collection list

Hi everyone,

I have a case study collection list that has a multi-reference to the same collection called related case studies. This allows my client to select the case studies they want to show for each one.

Inside the case study template where I show the related case studies, you have a tag that links to the opportunity the case study is in. However, I can’t reference the link to this opportunity. Is it not possible to reference the slug?

A quick workaround I’ve done is add a link field in the CMS which I can select as the external link in the source but it’s not a great experience having to do it manually.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here is my public share link:

I don’t know if I this is what you to achieve, but maybe you could create a separate CMS collection for the links?
Then add a multi-reference field to your collection and add a option field.