"Related Projects" cms collection module not working. Pls help!

Hi Webflow Gurus,

Please help.
So I have this “Case Study/Project” collection page. View here.

Each Case Study collection item has a multi-reference field called “Related Projects” where I point to three other specific Case Studies.

The problem is that on my collection item page, my “Related Projects” module at the bottom cannot reference those specific 3 case studies. Not sure why the filters can’t reference those three.

When I apply the filter:
“Related Projects contains Current Case Study”
it does NOT show the specific 3 case studies and instead shows other case studies that have the current case study referenced in “Related Projects” multi-reference field. The problem with this is that my client may want to show Project A is related to Project B on Project A’s page, but not necessarily want to show that Project B is related to Project A on Project B’s page.

When I apply the filter:
“Related Projects contains Any Related Projects of Current Case Study.”
it does NOT show the specific 3 case studies but instead shows something different (which I don’t understand).

Did I reach the limitation of webflow multi-reference collection here?
Am I understanding filters wrong?
Do I need to set up my related projects module differently?

Please help!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Did you get the issue resolved?

If not, just FYI, the conditional visibility works on collection pages not normal pages. On normal pages you have to do the collections a little different. The explanation is too long for text, but if you need help holler at me and see what’s going on.

I have not gotten this issue resolved yet.
And not quite sure yet how conditional visibility can help in this situation.
Still looking for answers you or anyone has any ideas! :slight_smile:

Hmm gotcha… going through CMS collections usually takes a long time for members… I suspect that’s why no quick response :slight_smile:

But you mentioned referencing. I assume you watched the University tutorial, if not check it here:

Notice on that page after the video, at the very bottom:

Why can’t I show multi-reference field data in a Collection list?

At the moment, you can show multi-reference field values only on a Collection page, and not within a Collection list. Support for nested Collection lists is planned. Vote for and subscribe to status updates of this feature request.

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