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Linking to Section on other page

Hi guys,
I would like to link to section on other page(s)

I’ve tried THIS but instead I landed on 404’s

Is there any update to accomplishing this?


Use a full address: https://…

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Thanks @philippe,
Nice idea… but that would defeat the purpose of my in-page linking. Each click would reload the page to that section as opposed to just scrolling into view.

@callmevlad, @samliew, do you have any thoughts on this?

It is hard to know what you trying to get. You talk about this issue?

If not, Add more detials.

Hi @Siton_Systems,
My Nav is a symbol that is global across the website. So each link either directs to a section or another page.

For this project there’re only 2 pages at the moment, Index and Contact. When you are on the Contact page the section links are inaccessible. So naturally i would like to be able to navigate to those sections from the current page.

The issue/concern is being that my Navigation is essentially global, it would be rational that the links pointed to their relevant locations without reloading the current page.

So if I should use the URL function and make link then I would not want the page to (re)load to that section but rather scroll into view of the current page. This way all links are universally accessible and only loads the page if it is not the current page.

I hope I’m making sense here.


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Hi @andreswaby,

Those other sections you mention aren’t present on the Contact page, so there isn’t going to be any way to simply scroll to them as you will always need to redirect back to the respective sections on the Home page. If you want to link to the respective sections on the Home page then you would need to link them like so:



Have you considered just adding the Contact page as another section at the bottom of your Home page? That would make more sense to me as then you would be able to do what you wanted and scroll in between each section

Hi @russellprowse,
I tried the /home#vision but that gave me a 404.

Initially i presented the client with the contact on the home page but they would rather have it separately.

If I go this route:" /home#vision " then I would have to break the navbar from the symbol link (for sub pages) which would have me updating the pages individually as the website expands.

Ok maybe you’d have to do:

& not entirely sure about the navbar symbol link, you might be right. How many pages is the site going to be - might only take 5 minutes to update if there aren’t many more than Contact?

The irony is that I already found this solution so I’m kinda kicking myself while laughing (at myself)…

…but its not all my bad. I was so concerned with the page refreshing that from the designer view, using the in-page linking should have just been that simple. And when it comes to publishing the page the links would have updated to reflect the links without me having to manually adjust but with linking from separate page(s) I find that I would now have to resort to the URL link feature. And if you’re not a wise-guy something like this just might make you loose another strand of hair :laughing:

So for @webflow it would then need to state/support a nav link that directs to the link via the full address so as to preserve the links when they are duplicated through out the website. :wink:

I like my life simple. I’ll just sign off with that. :laughing:

Thanks @russellprowse.

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