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Linking to section (#) within home page from other pages

Hi there!

I’m having trouble getting section links to work. I have a nav bar that contains links to sections within the Home page. This nav bar is repeated on the Blog page, but, the links aren’t working as they should. They should take you back to the homepage and then to a specific section. This nav section is not a symbol. I copied it from the homepage to the Blog page and then changed the link urls so they would contain the full published site url (not on the live domain yet, but published). So on the Home page a link would be just the built-in section link to, say, #my-approach. And on the Blog page, I’ve changed that link to I’ve also tried (no back slash), no change. And I’ve even tried and, which give 404 errors.

Having read through all the similar issues here in the forums, where people who seem to have the same issue have solved it by following these steps, I’m now at a loss as to what the issue could be. My only remaining hunch is that the issue is related to changing the subdomain early on in the site build. It was originally and I pretty much immediately changed it to just This shouldn’t be an issue, but I don’t know what else could be to blame.

Any help or new theories to try would be greatly appreciated!!


Here is my site’s Read-Only link:

@dgleslie - Easy fix. On the blog page (or any page you have a link that you want to go to an anchor on another page) your link should be /#anchorname when the home page is the target. If the target is any other page use /slug/#anchorname and you will be all set.

Just remember that you can’t click relative links like this in the designer. Only works on a published site.

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Dang. I really thought this would work, as it feels like the only thing I hadn’t tried yet, but this isn’t working either. And yes, I’m testing on the published site. Not the real, final domain yet, but published all the same. Thank you so much anyways, and if you have any other thoughts I’m all ears!

Surprise, surprise… it was my custom code :roll_eyes:. Should have checked that first thing. Thanks again!