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Linking to sections on homepage from other pages?

ok, I made a 1 page site with a top nav linking to various sections on the page. Now, I need the top nav on a different page to link to those sections on the homepage and anchor links aren’t working? Does anyone know a workaround?

Did i shoot myself in the foot here?

In the designer when you set a link to go to a page, you can enter a custom path rather than selecting a page explicitly. This is the same option you would use to enter a full URL for the button to link to.

So for example if you are on the about page and you want a button to link to the “pricing” section on this home page, enter this as the custom path:


If you are on the home page and you want a button to link to the “team” section on the about page, enter is as the custom path:


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I did not know this, but I am glad that I do now! setting up a link to an anchor on another page using the full URL seemed silly… and it is!! thanks!!

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Thanks dude, I’m a moron - it was case sensitive. I was linking to /#bio instead of /#Bio - seems to have fixed it. thanks

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