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Link to section on different page

At the moment it is not possible to select a section as a link if it’s on a different page.

I know I could use the custom-url-option, enter my url and #myanchor to make it work somehow.

However, this would not make use of the webflow-internal ID- and URL-structure which can change and would require to update all those links manually again.

My suggestion: add a pulldown before the section pulldown for a page-selection which defaults to ‘on this page’.


@callmevlad I second this feature addition. I would use this on almost every site I build.

Thanks, Matthew

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Hey guys, this one might take a while - we need to do a bunch of internal refactoring to get it to happen. It is on our roadmap though!


omg… you cannot link to a section on a different page ???

what do you do then ?

I have menu options that open new pages… and there’s no way back ???

You can still link to other sections on other pages by simply using the ‘URL’ option and typing in the /page followed by the #section. Here is a screenshot with an example (where ‘page’ is your specific page name, and ‘section’ is the section name you give it on that page.


hey - I forgot I could do that - thx.

still would like the feature - but at least there’s a fix :smile:

Does this work? I am not having success. Rather than going to the section I designate it is going to the top of the page.

Here is my project link Go to the Blog News page. I have used your recommended approach to send readers via the “continue reading” button to the full blog article. Each article is a specially designated section. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Never mind (embarrassed) - forgot to unique ID the section. Fixed.

I have followed it all, but I have an issue, when I press on the sign up link in the menu bar on the phone it gets to the form how do I make sure that when I press on the menu bar link it gets to the the top of the page.

here is the preview link:

PS. the issue is only on the bigger smartphones such as galaxy and iphone 6