Link to collection page randomly available


I noticed there a very annoying and bug (or a decision that doesn’t make any sense).

I do not have always available the possibility to link to a collection page.
Sometimes the page is available (purple page) sometimes there isn’t.

So the only way to link a collection page is copy pasting the direct link.
Obviously the direct link doesn’t update automatically as it could do a UI option, so each time I change sub domain, I have to re-link everything.

Am I doing something wrong?


Difficult to say without a read-only link to the page of your site where you experience the issue (and name of the collection list)

I can already says that a

doesn’t really exist. Instead there’s a link to a certain CMS node (item). You can obtain this link only in a CMS context, meaning inside of a collection list, when editing the link for a test link or link block. There, you chose the Current Item link.

Here the read-only link.

For example let’s say I wanna link a menu voice to a collection page.
Apparently there isn’t any option to do that.

Wow this is so clever, they give you the possibility to create a collection page without any way to link it. I’m astonished.

The menu is in a CMS contest, so why I cannot connect a link to a collection page?
I really don’t understand.

Because “a collection page” doesn’t exist. You have to link to either a collection item page directly, or to a static page with a list of items and their links to their pages.

And if you want to link an item from a static page and standard link, yes, you have to use the page URL, there’s nothin in Webflow Ui that will craft the link for you.

Because, again, a collection page doesn’t exist. You’re mistaking it with what is a COLLECTION PAGE TEMPLATE If you want a collection page, create a page, put a collection list in it and link the items pages from the item.

All CMSs in the known universe are working this way, there is no concept of a “table page”… So I don’t know what you’re astonished about.

Goto anywhere in this answer where I say “the collection page doesn’t exist”

Ok it makes sense.

So basically I have only to create a static page for each collection page template, and moving there all the collection lists (Which are now in the collection pages templates)

Then I’m gonna be able to connect everything seemingly together without using absolute links?

Yes. When you’ll be inside of a collection item in a collection list, select a link, either a block link or a text link, and you’ll get purple options in the link settings:


You’ll look for a dynamic link called Current Post, which means “the link to the post we’ll click on”

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