Rich text page linking not showing all of my collection pages

Hi WF Community,

I’m having a new issue with rich text linking within my blog collection. For the record, this is a new issue that used to work fine prior to recent updates to the designer.

When I’m creating a blog post and I want to create a text link within the rich text field that links to another cms page within my site, Webflow is no longer recognizing those pages. I used to be able to type in the name of the page I wanted to link to and it would come right up. That is no longer happening. Also, if i try to scroll through all the pages manually, the full list of collection items aren’t displaying…

This is a major pain. The workaround is to use a url link to the page on the site, but I would rather not have to do that.

Is anyone else having this issue? If so, have you been able to figure out a solution. I’ve cleared all my browser history and tried multiple browsers and the issue persists : (

I’m also experiencing this issue, it’s incredibly frustrating as it is the only way to ensure we have the correct page linked now that we have localisation active. We have hundreds of blog posts but it only seems to show the first 10 even when searching.

I’m experiencing this issue as well - matching items will briefly display in the page link dropdown when searching, then switch to “No results for this search” before one can be selected. Same behaviour in Safari, Chrome, Firefox; private/incognito and standard windows; caches flushed multiple times and no luck. I’m confident this feature was working properly as recently as March 20th, first noticed the problem on April 3rd - something must have changed in between?

Short screen video capture of the issue:

I have some pages but not all.

@webflow when are you going to fix this so all pages are indexed and searchable as page links from within the rich text fields?

It’s even been a case where the page was available and then disappeared.

And there’s no pattern, some old pages appear in the search and some new and then others are just not there at all.