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Link to collection page - what am I doing wrong? :)

Hey weblflow community,
I have a strange problem with my collection lists. I somehow managed to break the connection to the collection page. So I made a new project but I have the same problem. I think, I’m doing something very basic complitly wrong…

What I’m trying is, to link from a collection list to a collection page, but the link won’t work.

What I’m doing:
. make a collection with some dummy field.
. make a collection list
. add a link block
. set the link of the link block to current
. add some text from the collection list
(. in the collection page i add the same text, just to be sure the page is not blank)

-> the text is properly displayed, but the link won’t work.

Here is a read only link to my dummy project:

I guess, I do something fundamentally wrong? But I don’t manage to find out what.
Can you help me?

Thank you in advance for your help.

all the best

I just discoverd it works in the published version, but not in the preview … maybe a bug?

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