Linking Squarespace domain to my new webflow site

Hi Guys,

I have a domain and hosting with Squarespace. I have cancelled my hosting with them and bought Webflow hosting. I am keeping my domain with Squarespace.

I deleted all CNAME and A records from my current squarespace domain then I updated my CNAME and A records to reflect what Webflow tells me to do, but I get an error in Squarespace that says there are conflicting CNAME records.

I have reached out to both SS and WF support teams and both have been unusually unhelpful and not answering my questions at all.

Can anybody help? It takes over a week for WF to get back to me and I’ve been doing this for a month now and it’s infuriating!

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Are you using SSL ? I don’t have a clue about SS (im in Swedeb) but can you take a Screen shot of your DNS config and post it here.

Is SS giving you the error? Then it sound there are order cname hamging around in the SS Dns

Hey thanks for getting back to me.

I’m not sure if I’m using SSL? Sorry I’m not very good at this side of things.

Here are my Squarespace settings which shows the error when I click save. The error only seems to be on the CNAME. The A ones have been set up and are working now:

Here are my webflow settings:


It just worked! I added in www (my bad) to the CNAME record and now Webflow tells me that they’re both fine.

So I published my site and now this happens:

Ok, give me a couple of minutes need ro check My own DNS servers

ok its nott finding the SSL connection , try to clear your local cash in the browser

the CNAME record sgould be

You should remove the first CNAME record and have one looking is the one i did describe

Yep that’s what my CNAME record is. I cleared my cache and it didn’t change anything.

I logged back into square space and it gave me this blue message:

So I clicked this (use SS name servers):

Now the site loads but it’s my old squarespace site not my new webflow one! If I click custom name servers it asks me to use at least 2 unique name servers:

So I guess I need to put something in there? Any ideas?

Do you have DNS service from them (SS), You always need a DNS provider

SORRY Check the Use SS nameservers and i t should work

I checked use their name servers, then I published my site from webflow again but my domain just shows my old site. The old site’s hosting runs out tomorrow. Is that what the problem may be?

That’s ok you need to give it some time for the DNS servers to update. be sure to clear your cashe in the browser before you are testing

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Thanks so much for your help. If you’re ever in London I’ll get you a coffee :slight_smile:


Will let you know when im there :grinning::grinning:

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Hi tom do you have screen shot how did you fix and make you SS connect to webflow :wink:

Hey Alvin, really sorry to reply to this so late! Here you go bud: