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"Link to section" is linking to wrong section? 2.0


I build a website with 2 language options. The french page is basically a clone of my Dutch page with different links in the navbar. It was working fine before, but somehow the published website is always returning to the dutch page. In preview mode however, it works fine.

I was reading trough an older post and this didn’t fix it for me. (“Link to section” is linking to wrong section?)

Any help would be much appreciated!

Here is my public share link:

Hey @Ward_Coertjens,

Looks like a bug…
What is happening :

When you click on the french cta it goes here

instead of

Since the #participer doesn’t exist on it goes to the top of the page

Try to rebuild quickly your french button with a new classname.
Also change the id on the french section targeted.
Publish and tell me if it’s working

Hey @zbrah, Thanks for the reply!
I tried rebuilding it, but no luck.

As a test I created a new button and linked it to a section on the page, but the problem persists.
I could get around this bij linking to but then I can’t use the “current” class

Any other ideas?

Hey @Brando, i hope you are doing well.

Am i missing something here ?
This look really strange.

I also noticed this :

On click on the link Block FR, this should go to the page refered to the setup here

But it switches to the original domain

Also as detailed above, the link to id doesn’t respect the folder, it goes directly to

instead of

Do you think it’s a duplicate bug ?

Hi @zbrah and @Ward_Coertjens

Thanks for pinging me on this weird behavior.

I opened the live site and it looks like it is working as expected now.

@Ward_Coertjens Can you confirm that you found a fix for this? If so, how? Did you use @zbrahs suggestions?

​Thanks in advance, and I’m standing by for your reply.

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Hey @zbrah and @Brando ,

I didn’t change anything, and the behaviour is still the same for me.

When I unpublish I can’t link from the home page to and it automatically tries to link to

I tried duplicating the home page again, but that don’t work either.

I’m gonna try some different things, and see try and find the issue. So if you have any other suggestions, I’m happy to hear :wink:


hey @zbrah and @Brando,

I found the issue.

Apparently I added the website in the Base Tag: (href=) setting in my website settings. Removing this solved the problem.

Thanks for the help though!


Awesome @Ward_Coertjens :slight_smile: :webflow_heart:

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