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Nav link in menu doesn't work

Hi guys - not sure if this is a bug or something else going on but check this out.


Open the hamburger and you’ll find all the anchor links work nicely but the language button “Français” does not link to the French version of the site I made. Super weird. I can’t figure it out. Inspect shows the href is there. Chrome can see the link when I hover over it.

I’m stumped. Bug or something on my end?

Hi @richard_knight4, I am checking in to this, as I have an update, I will post here :slight_smile: I am marking this in the but category until I find the root cause. :slight_smile: stay tuned for updates :slight_smile:

Thanks @cyberdave! We appreciate it.

Hey @cyberdave just following up on this. We’re going to be pushing some site updates live soon.


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