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Export website directly in a Dropbox folder

Hi, i want to know if you have planned to add a feature that will allow user to export directly in a predefined Dropbox folder. Without zipping, so files will merge with current ones.

I’m currently hosting my website directly in dropbox. This setup is really great because I can edit directly the index.html or other.html files on my computer to debug things online.

Anyone else looking for this feature?


Downloading files without zipping them will end up putting their integrity at risk. This is one reason why it’s always zipped, I think. And good news for you, you can have what you want right now, because it’s not Webflows job to deal with this. Simply create a folder action that spots a webflow archive, uncompress it and publish it where you want on your computer. Can be done with Automator on Mac, can be done with some tools on Widows I guess.


There is, two main options:

  1. (Freeware) called “Actions”
  2. (Paid, but better UX) “Jitbit”

Great, I never know where to point Windows user at. Thanks.