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Feedback on zip files

I have some feedback on saving you bandwidth and us some download and site posting time.

For those of us who host elsewhere and make content changes we need to download and test either in the design and clean up stages or then later with content updates and changes, we don’t need all the photo’s and graphics zipped and sent back down, in fact after building 10 sites now with my admin processes to move the files to my hosting I find I have all the graphics and photos already in a folder in my desktop FTP account for the site, so it is no problem to either just leave them there or move them to the images folder you create and use, then upload to my hosting as needed.

I also find that I may see a very minor error on a site and need to go in change it then end up downloading the complete site files and needing to reupload all them to the hosting as not sure what in the package is really needed so the whole site still works … so if you are able to break out what is zipped and downloaded to just what changed and needs to be zipped that would save alot of bandwidth for you and us. Here are some familiar options on a program I used for years …

  1. files changed from last download ( this is the one that always works for me)
  2. whole site

Maybe there could be an option where you choose what do you want to download. LIke let’s say you get the content changed Webflow can look which files were updated and once you click an export button you can choose from entire website and latest updates. This could quickly run a md5 check on all files and see if anything has changed since the last time.

I personaly don’t have any troubles with reuploading files and since I know what I’ve changed on a website I can just reupload html files or css, but this feature in the future could bring some happy faces to some Webflow users ;D

Isn’t it what Webflow is about? :)

As much bandwidth this could save, this would be trading security for convenience. Security meaning integrity here.

There are two aspects: first the files being zipped, to limit the possibility of them being corrupted without the user noticing. Secondly the assurance that every asset (markup files, images, script files) is there and in place.

With an incremental download behavior, there will be tons of possibility to mess with your local version, thus multiplying the reasons for bugs to appear, multiplying the things to check in case of errors… not a potential nightmare, but close to it. I see that you propose to have the incremental option, on top of the classic one. Risk is for Webflow, by introducing such a feature, to have to deal with an increased amount of support due to induced bugs.

How big are your websites? I have a 90 pages one here and it’s under 6 Mo.