Quick Download As Zip Link

In my case, as a developer, I want the designers to use webflow to speed up their job to provide us with CSS/HTML that is then, processed by a huge load of programs.

Since we have an admin interface that connects remotely to the server and executes updates we’d like to update the HTML/CSS from our webflow account, it’d be very good if there was a way to make a get/post request to the server with the project information to download the zip file that will be then processed.

something like:
GET/POST api.webflow.io
user myaccount@catmail.com
auth mypassword
project projectName

And then it’ll provide a zip file for the content, even if it’s two request, one to get it ready and another one to download, there’s an entire programming language to send the request which will handle it.

So that our designers can just click, update from webflow in the admin interface, and woila!.. :smile:

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+1 I’d love to have a feature like this, or even an API to list/download created Zip files. Double awesome if it’s presented as a Nuget feed :slight_smile:

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Developer Here As Well… I would like this feature too

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